Monday, February 27, 2012

Dinner Time Blues...

Do you suffer from dinner time blues??? 
I have suffered from dinner time blues & it really sucks! You know the evenings when you just can't seem to get dinner on the table because EVERYONE is whining and complaining & you feel like taking all of the "parenting magazines" you've read & lighting them on fire! I've been there & still get there from time to time. But I'm all about finding a strategy that works until it doesn't work anymore & then finding a new one that works until that one doesn't work anymore & so on, & so on. Okay so this idea is NOT original AT ALL! but I'm bringing it back BABY!...
until it doesn't work anymore.
Step: 1 Occupy said 3 year old 
(Stick a fancy hand made apron on Her, made  here)
& tell her she has to do her "Chores"

Step: 2 Ask for help (with a bribe of dessert)
Step: 3 (break up fight about who picks dessert!) & ask for more help
Step: 4 (quickly break up another fight about not getting to pick dessert or help with dinner) & tell him he can have a bath!
 Okay so it worked this passed week, please pray for me! 
Give it a try & tell me how it goes, or PLEASE share with me some original ideas! 
I will keep you posted with my next dinner time strategy until this one fails us. 
(Darn you dinner time blues!) We will find a way to overcome you once & for all!!!

PS. Thank-you God for patience...
Although with dinner time blues it really does have a short fuse from time to time as you have witnessed! 
PPS. Thank-you for forgiveness!
Love: Tanya

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