Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Dish Rags...

As fantastic as Mothering 4 little never ending balls of exuberant energy is, sometimes it can leave me feeling like  a used dish rag! I know that's not a very pleasant thing to say about Mothering but it's very true. Even with the help & grace of God Mothering is oh so very challenging at times. Words of great wisdom for those of us who suffer from this dish rag affliction feeling:

Words to focus, inspire & encourage you,
I've been taking a bible study for the first time & WOW I am so amazed at just how helpful & encouraging Gods words are at the very moment I need them. In our bible study we look to the book of Samuel and we read how a young shepherd boy David is being chosen by God to become a King and Ruler. I mean here is a ruddy little shepherd boy that nobody else with human eyes would EVER have picked to become a great Ruler of Gods people, but God seeing David's heart knew what a great man this young boy was to become. So how does this correlate with being a mother & feeling like a dish rag you may be asking yourselves???...Well let me tell you! Beth Moore the bible study guru asked us this most profound question, she said, "EVERYONE has been put in charge of a flock & is in one way or another a shepherd like David, God has placed you in a role, how well are you leading your flock"???...WELL! a light dinged inside of me that lit a fire that I didn't even know was burning until that question had been asked & in that single moment this little dish rag realized that God has trusted me with a little flock of sheep & if one of his sheep slips away from him it will be me that will have to answer for it. I also realized that what an honor it is to be trusted by the Creator of life to be shepherding his flock, my role in these little peoples lives serves eternal purposes & though society undervalues a Mother's role GOD does not! He has placed the utmost value on a Mother's service to her children & what we are doing has eternal value & let us not forget that for one solitary moment...Dish Rag!...I think not! Now that I fully understand my role graciously given to me by God, even on those energy sucking days where I feel that my lifeblood has drained from my body, I will think twice about calling myself a Dish Rag!

PS. Thank-you God for your amazing words!

Love: Tanya

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