Friday, February 10, 2012

Fashion Ista???

This quality hand made apron that Miss JaCoco is fashioning is made by my most lovely friend Krista Rao. If you are ever in need of a quality Seamstress for any hand crafted item you can reach her by clicking here. Krista adds a unique touch to all of her hand made items. Krista uses up-cycled materials which makes the every day ordinary extraordinary! EVERYTHING is Eco friendly, absolutely unique & incredibly adorable, including the model!

PS. Krista if you EVER need this little Fashion Ista to model your apparel...NOT A PROBLEM! (I think she's even willing to work for free!)

PPS. Thank-you God for hand stitching my good friend Krista, you certainly made a goodie!
Love: Tanya

1 comment:

  1. thank you so so much for your kind words! I would love to use your little miss as a model... i could pay her in granola barS! I'm going to link over to you on Monday with an apron post.
    "I love the way you write...everything flows so nicely"- Sri(your biggest fan)