Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Kid Bits...

Moments with Mr. Sunshine:
Sonny: Mommy! Tyson hit me!
Me: On purpose or by accident?
Sonny: On purpose!
Me: Tyson did you hit Sonny on purpose!?
Tyson: NO I didn't hit Sonny!
Me: Sonny are you sure he hit you on purpose???
Sonny: Well maybe he didn't hit me on purpose cause sometimes I don't see so good out of my deaf eye.
Moments in Will's World:
Me: William you are NOT getting down from the table until you have eaten your vegetables.
Willy-Jay: Okay Mommy.
5 Minutes later...
Me: William I really mean it! you will not get down from this table until ALL of your veggies are eaten!
(A very calm) Willy-Jay: Okay Mommy.
5 Minutes later...
Willy-Jay (still ever so calm): Okay Mommy.
5 Minutes later (& Will is now playing "guys" with his veggies)...
Me: Will you have not eaten a single vegetable! I really mean it this time you're not getting down until they're all gone!
Willy-Jay: Yes Mommy.
5 Minutes later, the kitchen is immaculate & it's time to get ready for bed...
Me: William you haven't eaten any veggies & now it is time to go upstairs & get ready for bed.
Willy-Jay: Okay Mommy.
How can you argue with someone who refuses to argue???
 Moments with Dudley:
Saying prayers one night (this blew me away!)
"God thank-you for our family we are very blessed to have the ones we love. Please help me to not want what other people have. Please help me to be thankful for what I have. Please protect us, keep us safe & healthy ~ In Jesus name ~ Amen"

Sonny: What does Heaven look like?
Tyson: At first I thought it would be like darkness, but now I think it will be beautiful and warm like the sun.

"Ryan is a bully at our school & I know that it's wrong to hurt people, but if Ryan EVER hurt Jackie would it be okay to beat him up?"

Tyson gently placing Miss JaCoco on his lap to read her a story:
"Come here Ty' Ty's precious Little Girl"
Moments with Miss JaCoco:
You are Charming & funny a mini comical genius in the making! You are always doing something to make us laugh. You are the Queen of facial expressions & already at the age of 3 you are capable of mimicking & poking fun of the funny! There is NEVER a dull moment in Jackie's World!

We are forever chasing after her to keep her clothes on. At any given point in the day if you were to stop by and pay us a visit she would be naked or just in underwear & for some strange reason all of her dolls are naked too???...Perhaps too many "Little Bear" episodes? or just a free spirit? Whatever the case may be you keep us on our toes!

"PUMP IT! LOUDER!"...(Black Eyed Peas) Jackie's Favorite Song!

PS. Thank-you God What gifts you have bestowed...I'm not worthy! I guess that's why it's called "Grace"
PPS. Thank-you for your Grace.
Love: Tanya

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