Saturday, February 25, 2012

"Making Guys"

Step: 1
Step: 2
Step: 3

William will sit for hours making "guys" (okay hours is NOT realistic) perhaps more like an hour? Anyhow this has been the latest craze in our home. This creation was actually made at my Brother's place, it's such a craze that my purse is now fashioned for toting "guy" making materials. "Mommy did you bring my scissors???" 
Yes & I didn't forget your day timer or your wallet either! (I love the "rough copy" under the one he's working on in step: 1) his ears were "too big" to make the final cut. I just had to share this sweetness with everyone, it really delights me to see somebody in this family taking an interest in being creative. Ask anybody when I was pregnant with my first my vision of parenting included crafts of every sort & then I had 3 boys. My dreams for crafting with boys came to an abrupt ending & I quickly switched gears & learned how to smash, crash & bash things. However William has a keen interest for creativity & because of his interest all of my boys are becoming more crafty (in more ways than 1). My heart sings a happy tune when my little ones have busy little hands, that are busy in a good way!

PS. Thank-you Dear really do answer prayers!!!
Love: Tanya

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