Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Pot & The Potter

I want to go out on a limb & share my heart with you. Who am I?...
I try very hard to be who I think I should be, nice, kind, gentle, patient, accepting, a good listener, selfless, humble...The truth is I feel at times that that's not the real me, that's the pretend nice me. The real me is loud, demanding, impatient, talkative, outspoken & is constantly battling the "nice me". I guess my question is, is it possible to be all of those things & still be considered "good"?. What renders somebody as being "good"?.  My best guess is that it's okay to be all of it, God is sculpting me in his image. Why be so critical of others when we have our own struggles to deal with? Why on earth would I ever expect perfection from somebody else when I am nowhere close to perfect? I need to stop measuring myself next to somebody who ideally I would love to be and just be me. I'm NOT perfect, I can stop pretending. Exhale, it's okay Tanya just breathe & be who you are. My inner spirit becomes stronger every day. I don't have to live up to anybody Else's standards of who I should be and just trust that the work that is being done inside of my heart is measuring up to who God wants me to be. Ultimately my Maker's opinion of who I am is THE only thing that matters. I am a work of art that is undergoing a slow & sometimes painful transformation, but I know that I am being sculpted into something beautiful. So for those of us who struggle with our self worth, values, self esteem, let's all cut ourselves some slack. Let's be kind to ourselves and love ourselves enough to know that it is perfectly okay to not be perfect, let's allow ourselves to be shaped and molded into something beautiful from the inside.

~ But now, O Lord, Thou art our Father; We are the Clay, and Thou our Potter; and we all are the work of Thy Hand ~ Isaiah 64:8

PS. Thank-you God for the good work you have begun, I am shaping into the Girl you had planned from the start.
Love: Tanya

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