Monday, February 13, 2012

Prayers, Moments, Memories.

There are moments in our lives when we are rocked beyond measure. My heart felt prayers are for my little Mother Hen this week & forever more. A tragedy has struck my little Mother Hen, her Father has taken his life & she will forever be left with this tragic stain. She will desperately be grasping to hold on to the good memories she has of her Father. My heart bleeds for this young lady. Dear God hear my prayer, please may she feel your love engulf her inner being. Please may she feel your weightless arms of peace wrap around her broken heart. Please God hold her in your warmth. Carry her God. My young Mother Hen shouldn't have to bare this burden God! I'm angry that her life is altered forever! The woman that she is to become will forever be stained by this very horrifying memory. I feel helpless & useless. Prayers, please, anybody who reads this, please pray for my little Mother Hen. God heal her broken heart. I pray for her, her Mother, her siblings & her family. God speed your love to them.

PS. God hear my prayer.
Love: Tanya

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