Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Good Parenting Days

We've all had bad parenting days (or at least I have) you know the ones that I'm talking about.
I think that there have been moments on those bad parenting days that I am cringing on the inside because I am not parenting with any consistency & for some strange reason, I can't seem to find my inside voice! These days go down as dismal failures & I try my hardest to redeem them by giving into my guilt & taking everyone to McDonald's PlayLand. Poor little souls!

It's hard being a parent & if I'm going to be completely honest there are times that I feel the weight of the overwhelming importance of my role in these little people's lives & it all becomes a little too much for me. Who am I? How do they see me? Who will I be when they've all grown up & are off leading their own lives?
On these bad parenting days my selfishness overtakes me, I give in, I snap like a twig & then I quickly ask for forgiveness. I think we also have to forgive ourselves for these unsightly moments, we are teaching our little ones that we're not perfect, sometimes life is hard & unpleasant. On these bad parenting days we are also teaching our children about forgiveness.We are role modeling good & bad behavior, if they never see us having a bad day, aren't we somehow telling them that there's something wrong with them when they have unsightly moments?

I'm all about keeping the scales balanced, I think that if our good parenting days outweigh our bad parenting days then we are doing just fine as far as parenting goes. It's hard being parents because it's hard being people & it's even harder to raise "good people".

Anyhow...Today, today was a good parenting day. We've all had these days (or at least I hope so), you know the ones I'm talking about. Consistency: check! Patience: check! Inside voice: check!
We feel elated because we are saying & doing all of the "right" things. I patiently placed you on time outs & was actually consistent all day long. I wasn't distracted by my own selfishness, I stayed focused and engaged. I'm going to brag a little because I am quite proud of this one.

Sonny: I can't find my stupid baseball glove & it's not in my stupid room & it's probably because my stupid brother lost it.

Me: Sonny, it hurts me when you say those unkind things.

Sonny: I don't care!

Me: Sonny I think you need to take a few minutes of quiet time in your room & write out 10 things that you are most thankful for (it's a week of gratitude in our home right now)


Me: I'm not asking.


 I am thankful for:

1) my hamster
2) my family
3) my friends
4) my house
5) my dog
6) my toys
7) my school
8) my bedroom
9) my teacher
10) myself

Me: Sonny do you feel better now?

Sonny: Thank-you Mommy.

So today I wore my good parenting cap with pride. I will flaunt my good parenting & wave it around like a big banner...because such as life good things just don't last forever. I really cherish my good parenting days, I think we have to be thankful for them because how else could we be thankful for them if we didn't have the bad parenting days?

If you are having a bad parenting day, please know that tomorrow is a new day. You can always start fresh in the morning, you can even be thankful for the bad days so that you will cherish the good days.

Love to all of the parents out there!

PS. Thank-you God for the good & bad of life & parenting, it truly makes me appreciate when things are good.

Love: Tanya


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