Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Ides of March

Can I get an AMEN for the very beautiful weather we are experiencing so early in March! Is it even Spring yet?. I'm no weather man but I say Spring has definitely sprung! Usually I get annoyed when people run around in tank tops & flip flops the minute there's a pinch of sunshine (I'm such a scoffer!) I'm always like "AH! look at that moron in a tank top driving with his top down like it's June, he's gonna be SO shocked when it snows!". Today folks I am proud to say that I'm that moron & I loved every minute of it! Well this little Brown Bunch of ours are sunshiny fun lovin little people who just go gaga for sunshine...But who doesn't?.
Perhaps I should hold my tongue & not jinx a good thing & just marvel in the glory of wearing shorts & flip flops in MARCH!!!

These are the sights, sounds, smells & tastes of MARCH.

PS. Thank-you God for oh so very warm WINTER days.
Love: Tanya
PPS. Wishing everyone a wonderful week.

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