Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Little Spring Chickens

This past week I have felt the scales tipping, this tends to happen in life from time to time. But today peace & balance have been restored. It's amazing how nature, sunshine & friends can heal & replenish the soul.Today I really felt peace restored in my heart. 
Thank-you friends for sharing such a beautiful first day of spring with us. Our little spring chickens just marveled & relished in the sunshine & literally sprung about on a trampoline (which I think was the highlight of their day!) We got to take our springy little spring chickens to a fantastic farm called a Simpler Thyme. Simplicity for me is BLISS, I adore being in the fresh air, surrounded by animals, nature & sunshine. I honestly think that if I'm ever (oops! not if) WHEN I'm feeling unbalanced again I MUST always remember 
NATURE + SUNSHINE = PEACE. Happy first day of Spring everyone! Oh & thank-you to our little Spring chickens for being so delightful & adorable!

Our Little Spring Chickens

Everything in Bloom

It's hilarious how many snacking pit stops must be made on a 
2 minute hike

Our Springy Little Spring Chickens!

Good afternoon to you Sir!

Little Laura Ingles (actually quite terrified of the cows!)

Oh so very scary!

Okay...This melts my heart!

A much needed refreshment to be had after jumping so vigorously!

Goodbye first day of Spring, we truly loved you!

PS. Thank-you God for blessing our day with peace, joy, friends & sunshine!
Love: Tanya

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