Thursday, March 15, 2012

My Savior & Friend...

With Easter on it's way I am reminded of how strong my Savior & Friend is.
I try in my (small) ways to glorify Him, noticed or not by the world around me, He notices & I feel His praises & love wherever I go.
He is teaching me far more than I EVER expected when I made a simple confession from my mouth & opened my heart to Him...Here in the pit of my heart was a small hole that was filled with darkness that is slowly healing & being repaired by letting in His light & love.
I love Him more than words can ever express & what He has done for me is far more than I could ever ask for.
A gift free to anyone who wants to receive it, His gift is beautiful simplicity and it is wrapped in love. When I chose to open His gift, a veil was lifted & I could see everything clearly & His message rings loudly in my heart...LOVE one another as you want to be LOVED.
I don't debate Him, I don't try to understand the why, the how, the if, the when...I don't close my heart to Him, I keep my heart soft & open and listen to His commandment and obey Him...Love one another as you are loved by me.
I praise His holy name every single day & He brings me comfort, peace, love, joy & gratitude, ALL free of charge, no strings attached & no pills or alcohol or food can replace His precious gift.
When things are tough, I praise Him. When things seem dark, I praise Him. When things are rocky, I praise Him. He smooths my road EVERY single time & I praise Him.
Easter has ALWAYS been an "Easter Bunny" celebration for me, this Easter is SO very different for me. I am filled with praises & song for what has been done for me. I will share this piece of my heart with everyone, because my praises shall never end!
I have been an addict of one form or another my entire life because I have been broken & I have been so busy trying to bare the weight of life's burdens all on my own, not knowing the whole while that they have been bared for me.
I have desperately tried to repair myself, on my own, my own way & all the while I missed the point. He doesn't want me to repair what is broken on my own, He wants me to place my trust in Him, He made a way for me, He wants me to walk with Him, He wants to carry me like the child I am to Him.
He has made a way for me! I can put my FULL trust in Him...He will NEVER let me down!
Thank-you Lord, this Easter I will celebrate your love for Humanity. This Easter I am filled with thanks-giving & joy! Thank-you for filling my heart to the brim & thank-you for making a way.
He asks for NOTHING in return for His gracious gift, just an open heart. He is the TRUTH, the LIGHT & the WAY! He mends what is broken, it's what He does, it's how He rolls. He is the coolest Guy I've ever known. I now understand the true meaning for this incredible celebration of LOVE & SACRIFICE.
PS. Happy Easter Everyone!
God Bless,

Love: Tanya

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