Saturday, March 31, 2012

Simple Hands

I am a simple Woman, I have simple plans.
I want to heal the world, with my simple hands.
Did they serve you well my Lord?
Is what I plan to say.
Did they touch your heart my son, or did they go astray?
Are they on the narrow path headed for the light?
Will my hands be strong enough to overtake the night?
I will be victorious is what I have to say,
I will choose to live & fight another faithful day.
I am only here because of you and that's to serve you well.
I am only here until you feel it's time to ring that bell.
I will be carried home one day to my father above,
but until that day...
my simple hands must serve him with my love.

PS. Thank-you God for my hands.
Love. Tanya


  1. Beautiful Tanya such a humbling poem.

    I am just getting started blogging my poems would love any of your input.

  2. I just read your beautiful blog...
    I'm your newest fan!
    Thank-you for your kind words,
    Perhaps you could share some of your input with me?
    You are so talented!