Monday, March 19, 2012

Snow White & The Four Dwarfs

So today I got to play the roll of Snow White in the enchanted forest. I was accompanied by my 4 little Dwarfs & of course my Prince Charming. There is this fabulous place called Cherry Hill Gate that my friend Krista had shown me a while ago (Krista is one of those very cool people who is "in the know" about all the cool places to go & things to do) Anyhow WAY OFF TOPIC! This fab place has become our very favorite place to go & visit. Instead of using lots of words to describe why we love it so much, I'll just go ahead & show you...
Picture taken by Tyson

William was quite the little model today!

We were waiting so patiently for this...

TA DA! How cool is that??? Such a Snow White moment!

William was also quite the little woodsman today

(This lovely young couple stopped to say hello to William)

Tyson was our camera Man today (Great Job Ty!)

Being CUTE...

& Again!

Sonny found his inside voice

Even the Chipmunks stopped by to wish us fair well.

Good bye BEAUTIFUL Cherry Hill Gate, we will miss you.
PS. Thank-you God for putting peace in our hearts, we LOVE visiting with you in your element!
Love: Tanya


  1. your pics are amazing! cherry hill is going to be my go to summer spot this year!

    1. Thank-you for sharing this beautiful spot with us...
      I will see you there!