Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Today we...

Had a really slow moving morning. One of those days that just seemed to go down as an after thought. Everything we tried to do seemed as though the universe nicely closed the door on us & said "I'm so sorry my Dear but today you're just not welcome", well that's how it felt anyway. I didn't plan ahead...AGAIN! & by the time I had called anybody to go anywhere, they were smart enough to have seized the day, made a plan & got out to enjoy this beautiful weather. So I decided (by 10am) that we should go to the Central Hamilton Library & then go to the Farmer's Market & pick up some dinner. I packed up the kiddies, gave them little change purses with a few dollars so that they too could buy themselves a treat from the very fab Farmer's Market! We headed out (now 11am) I didn't feed the little ones snacks, thinking we'll just get some from the very fab Farmer's Market (see how this Farmer's Market is a HUGE part of our outing???) We parked the car downtown in front of my Girlfriends place & walked to the Library (which is quite a trek for under fed children)...who griped & complained the entire time about being "HUNGRY!" Did I pack any snacks??? NO why would I, when we are going to stop by the Farmer's Market?! I ask you all this question...Was the Farmer's Market open on Wednesdays??? NO it's NOT. So we got to the Library, which I now felt as though I was forcing my children to go to. The huge let down of NO little change purses being used to buy treats was all too much for my 2 little hungry ones to bare. At one point William who was "VERY hungry!" had said "I can't see any books", so I quickly got some books (waited in a long line because I lost my library card!) Little Jackie got shhh'ed! by the Librarian, while William twirled around in circles & hit an old lady who was standing behind us & then she gave me a dirty look! Any how we high-tailed it out of the Library & I quickly realized that there was NO way that these 2 were going to make the trek back to the car on empty bellies so we stopped & had a bite to eat WHEW! Fed children are happy children! So I just felt like ALL day I jumped through one hoop after another & yada, yada, yada...I'm really tired now! The shenanigans didn't stop there I can assure you of that, but as I'm writing this I'm going to kindly tell myself to zip it! because I've gone on WAY TOO LONG! So here are some highlights of our hoop jumping day!
* Happy Faces? (check!) * Excited to go to the Farmer's Market? (check!)
* Back packs? (check!) * Change Purses for treats? (check!)

(Say Farmer's Market Treats!)

Still being adorable even though they were SO HUNGRY!

William was able to ignore his hunger pangs long enough to use the computer

This was the highlight of our day!

 PS. Thank-you God for ALL of the blessings we have in our lives. If these were our complaints of the day, how blessed are we???
Love: Tanya

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