Saturday, March 10, 2012


Okay SO...
Traveling with THIRTEEN people you might think to yourself, "self behave it's just SEVEN days & you can do it! I mean you did give physical birth FOUR times so this should be no sweat what so ever right???" Well... Right!!! I am thrilled to share with you that this Family Vacation was a major success! & I'm not just saying that because my Mother-In-Law reads my blog, I'm saying it because in truth it really was a phenomenal time spent together bonding as a family. Was it perfect...YES! it really was PERFECT! Our SEVEN children together for SEVEN days were wonderful, we couldn't have asked for better travelers! I really didn't give enough credit before hand to my little ones I had all types of scenarios running through my mind. Jackie was my biggest fear, I thought for sure that she was going to be scared of every new experience (including "alligators" which is elevators) but as it turns out, she actually has frequent flyer miles, knew all of the flight crew & can throw back Pina Coloda's like it's nobodies business! I must say that my entire family Rocks! & we were so fortunate to have had this experience together. The memories that were shared will last us all a lifetime! One of the things I came to know about our whole crew is that when life hands out lemons you drink them! My goodness you know you've had enough to drink when your choices boil down to a "Bahama Mama" or a "Flying Gorilla"! We drank we ate & ate... & ate some more. We laughed, and danced, and lounged, and swam, and played, and loved every single solitary moment of that holiday. There just aren't enough Thank-you's for the time spent together, what a once in a lifetime opportunity that was so graciously given to us all. NEVER will we forget this FABULOUS vacation!
Boarding The Plane
I'm just noticing that...
Jackie NEVER...

Went anywhere without a drink in her hand!

Coffee will never be the same again!

Sun & Fun

go hand in hand!

So peaceful & serene

Beach Days

I can say I put my feet in the ocean!

One too many Bahama Mama's!

Best Buds

Our little adventurist

Mexican Train Anyone?

Thank-you for this moment right here!

PS. Thank-you God, my God you are beautiful in every way, you take my breath away!
PPS. Thank-you for making dreams come true!
Love: Tanya

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