Saturday, April 28, 2012

Pink Pajamas???

I had gone to work & on my break I called my Hubby to check in and see how his evening was going with the kiddies. Hubby said good!...& then told me that he had been cleaning out the garage (like most men watching children would do) when he came across some running shoes that belonged to our older boy. He brought them into the house & upon seeing them Little Williams eyes lit up & asked: "are those shoes for meee???!" Anything new in our house of old is very exciting! My Hubby said: "you can try them on but I think they might be a little big for you buddy". So William tried the shoes on & of course he clomped around in ridiculously over sized shoes, telling Daddy how "cumpterbull" they are. My Hubby quickly made the "man" mistake of telling him right away in a flat tone of voice (of course) that "they don't fit, take them off"...which all women know leads to...a severe let down & tears. My Hubby had tried to put this fire out by coming up the stairs with everyone's pajamas in hand & telling William to "calm down because Daddy got you some NEW PJ'S!" William wiping away his tears of devastation that his feet are now somehow deformed & underdeveloped looked with wide eyes, dug down real deep to get over his upset & said "oh WOW Daddy! Thank-you!" Instead of grabbing the pj's from the bottom of the pile, he grabbed the very first one from the top of the pile (which were not intended to be his "new pj's"). Before I go any further, I have to say that this little boy's sweet innocence just melts my heart. Even after brotherly pressures of teasing, this little man stood his ground & insisted that "Daddy got me new peejamas cause the shoes don't fit me & he wanted me to feel better!" He has been taunted relentlessly, I have even suggested that they might be a tad too small?...but his answer is a very firm "no Daddy bought them for me & I love them". I even snapped a picture of him & showed it to him in hopes that he might see with his own eyes that they are ill fitting...& pink! But after seeing the pictures his response was: "OOH I "wike" my smile in this one"
So I won't make you wait any longer, here are Williams NEW PAJAMAS!...
(His little sister Jackie's pajamas)
I just love a confident little man in pink!

PS. Thank-you Lord for his unwavering 
confidence & masculine security

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  1. this may be my favourite picture of ALL time (the boys on the stairs). I love the pink pjs and the confidence it takes to pull that look off!!!!!