Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Highlights

There were sooo many highlights this weekend...
I had a really hard time choosing pictures to share, so basically I shared them all. We started Good Friday off with a BANG! we had my fabulous Nephews come for a sleepover. We went to the harbor & we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and the weather. Saturday we went to an awesome outdoor Easter Egg Hunt. Thank Heavens my friend Krista was there because in a mad rush to leave, I grabbed my debit card??? Yeah because we all know that an Easter egg hunt at the park takes debit right??? Tyson amazed me... there were two little boys who got into a scuffle about something or other and the one little boy kicked the other little boys basket out of his hands and his candy went flying everywhere! and of course all of the other little children ran over in a mad rush to take his candy...so he stood there crying and our little man Tyson went over to that little boy and dumped almost ALL of his candy into that little boys basket and said "happy Easter little buddy"...isn't that just so fantastic! That really made my Easter weekend. Jackie started out wearing a cutesy Easter outfit, but then insisted on "being Luigi" because William insisted on "being Mario" so that's why Jackie had a mustache (or "hustache" as Jackie likes to call it) . The highlight for the kiddies would have to be this little duckling that came to celebrate Easter with us, oh and the kitten, our kiddies were all over them. My very crafty and very beautiful Aunt Sally blew eggs with the kids and decorated them. I am not a good crafter with kids, I get very weird and "Martha Stewarty" while crafting with little ones so I was relieved that my Aunt did this project with the kids (& so were they!). The festivities ended on a high note, the kidlettes ran outside in the dark, with flash lights hunting for Easter goodies. We ate and drank and were merry all weekend long. Good memories were stowed away into the hearts of the young and old. All in all our Easter weekend consisted of everything an Easter weekend should consist of...LOVE & loads of it!

PS. Thank-you God for this glorious holiday of love & sacrifice.
Love: Tanya


  1. oh my goodness! busy busy busy. I love all of your pics...especially the last one!

  2. It really was crazy busy...
    but it was crazy fun!