Thursday, April 5, 2012

Happy Birthday Easter!

This Easter my eight year old boy will share a new beginning celebrating this glorious holiday of love and sacrifice, he will turn nine years old on Easter Sunday. He too was born a lamb nine years ago and boy do I ever remember that earth quaking day he pushed through into the light of this world, it seems as though it only happened yesterday. He came into this world quite aware that at the very moment of his birth he was also responsible for birthing his parents. I think he knew more than most about his responsibility & I think perhaps it was all too much for his little nervous system to bare. He was colic not an "easy" first babe, his little legs would shoot up into his chest crying in agony for some sort of relief that I (as his mother) could not provide him with. This song and dance of walking and rocking him seemed at times to go on forever, there were moments in those early days I would cry and hit pillows and yell "this isn't fair!". Little did I know that all of this "hardship" that we were facing as new parents was leading us on God's pathway and would strengthen me to go on and birth three more babies. He has birthed our patience, perseverance, love & kindness. I quite think he was well aware of his responsibility even in infancy. He is a serious soul, driven by purpose and logic. He never did walk, he began running at ten months old and has never stopped since. At two years old he would pretend to be a dog, play fetch, wag his bum high in the air and wait patiently for love and praise, with a "good doggie" and a pat on the head. At three years old he told me that he didn't want Santa to break into our house at night while we were sleeping, because it's wrong to do that and it's scary!. On his third birthday he asked us to remove the training wheels from his new bike, after much convincing from my Husband that he could do it, I surrendered my nerves and we gave it a try... he took off riding that two wheeler as though he was "Evil Knievel" himself and has never stopped since. At four years old he told me "you can't expect me to believe that an Easter Bunny hops around our house pooping out chocolates?!". From four years of age that little man has been more responsible than most bachelors! He would actually tote my infants around in a snugly shushing them to sleep, rocking and swaying them while I would cook dinners. At five years of age, he lived through Kawasaki Disease and had himself a blood infusion. He was so serious at five, there were several worried moments during this year; he had said "I can't move out I don't know anything!". Another time; he had asked me "when am I old enough to walk to school by myself? because I'm not ready now!".  At six years old, he was almost unbearable to be around, I know that's not a nice thing to say but it's oh so very true! I think six is hard, hard on them and hard on parents. He was going through growing pains and he really was a pain to be around. He whined and cried through out six. I think it's hard being six, I think they're still little and yet have big emotions and are trying to figure out how they fit in... who am I?... am I cute, or am I big?. I'm sure if I dig really deep I'd have something positive to say...but I can't think of anything right now. Seven was Heaven! He'd snapped out of that whiny miserable stage and had become a real little boy! He had lots of questions about life & death, who are we as people? and a family? and the world?... really he's been quite wonderful ever since. Eight is great! I'll miss you eight, saying good bye to eight years hurts a little. I am looking forward to see how this little man will grow and become more of himself every day. He is wonderfully aware (& sometimes too aware!) of all things worldly and sometimes I think it's a touch too much for him to handle at the ripe old age of eight! But isn't that the case for all of us??? We had been playing at the park one day and he was pleasantly chatting with a father in the park and the man asked Tyson if he had any brothers or sisters? and Tyson told him he had two brothers and one sister, the man said "wow that's a lot of children in your family!" & without missing a beat Tyson said "We are all Gods children, now that's a lot of brothers & sisters!" ~AMEN little Buddy!~ He has grown into a nine year old boy that I trust & love and so does everyone else who has the good fortune of meeting more quotable moment in Tyson's world: "AWE...I wish I was the Messiah!"

There really is no end to the praises I have for the life of this remarkable boy. I am only honored and humbled to have such a Son as this. We will share in a special Easter celebration of love, strength, hope, grace and sacrifice and we shall ring in a new year with our little lamb who turns nine!

Thank-you God.

You know we don't feel worthy enough to bare the importance of "parenting"....But really... who ever is???
You are a good God who this family praises and adores, our praises run deeper than the ocean and our thanks and joy for you are ridiculously over the moon...We're gaga for you!

Love so very much,


  1. Happy Birthday Tyson!!!! That was so beautifully said Tanya. I know who to hire to write my birthday post!