Sunday, April 15, 2012

Inspirational Sundays

It's very important that I nurture my heart weekly (daily only seems to happen in small doses for me due to time constraints) anyhow, doing so brings me joy & gratitude. I try my hardest to stay in tune with the fruits of the spirit, but I tell you after a long day of kids griping and whining I need something tangible to hold in my heart so that I can start fresh for the coming week. For me a huge portion of peace & balance is always found in the beauty of nature, this stems from my father (A.K.A "Dr. Nature Nut"). If I've over reacted in my dealings with my children & I'm riddled with guilt about a sudden outburst, my Dad is quick to remind me that everything goes back to nature and he will say things like: "What would a mother bear do??? you think a mother bear would take that kind of behavior from her cubs???!!!" I some how take comfort in this and feel better about my short comings as a parent because I'm now comparing myself to animals in the wild???...Way off topic!...Again!
Nature soothes my soul and gives me great comfort. I try to always remember this, but while in the midst of  my very busy home it is super easy to forget things. My house moves rapidly and I have to hold on to truths tightly because my Children will run away with them if I allow them to, but I never would allow them to because...I'm a mother bear???
So without further ado...
Here's a spark of inspiration that sets my heart on fire.
If you have not yet had the opportunity to watch this masterpiece, I would encourage you to do so. It is visually stunning. It made me think deeply & passionately about the magnificent work of our Creator. The Documentary is called God Of Wonders & it can be viewed on Netflix, YouTube in parts, or you can rent it at your local Library. This is our God, perhaps this will give you a glimpse inside of my heart & will help you to understand why I write what I write.

PS. Thank-you God! You truly are a wild source of great inspiration.
Love: Tanya

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