Sunday, April 22, 2012

Inspirational Sundays ~ The Light ~

Sometimes it's just hard for the light to push through.
But with an ounce of faith & a pinch of hope anything is possible. Last month a light went out in the hearts of a family that is close to ours. They are enduring a heartbreak that some of us will never know. A Husband/ Father/ Son/ Brother/ Uncle/ Friend has taken his own life. I cannot express to you the heartbreak or the devastation that this family is suffering from this loss. There are no words to soothe this ache. But there are actions. I have been praying for this family with the heaviest of hearts. I have been waiting for God to speak to me. I have been hoping for God to speak to me. I have had faith that God will speak to me. God has spoken to me... I was led to email an amazing & incredible angel who lives here on earth with us. This angel is an angel of love & she has access to THOUSANDS of angels of love. She is a wondrous writer who I love & adore, with her and every heart that feels compelled to help we will shed some light & hope into the broken hearts of this family. I do not know what shape this help will take. I was told to pray, wait & listen. This is exactly what I will do. Confirmation from a simple email exchange has given my heart reason to soar for this family. I believe in the power of love & I know that the light will push through for this family & I know that they will be touched by the hand of God, through his angels of love.

PS. Thank-you God, I'm waiting & listening.
Love so very much,

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