Monday, April 30, 2012

Motivational Mondays ~ Clean Heart ~

This week, I will focus my heart on love. I will put love into action, inspired by the one & only Mother of all Mother's...Mother Teresa. In her life's work she would often talk about how we don't need fantastic big ideas to make an impact on people, we simply need to love them. We can start in our very own homes, with our very own families. If there are broken relationships within our families, we should repair these if we can. I am motivated this week to knock the socks right off of love! I am going to LOVE it's nobodies business! Let's move forward this week being selfless in love. May we all look to the self sacrifices that have been made for our freedom because of so many peoples courageous efforts to love the world bigger. I love you Mother Teresa! This week is an homage to a beautiful soul who dedicated her entire life to loving ALL of God's Children. This is my Motivational Monday & I will LOVE BIG!
PS. Thank-you God for your Saints of Love

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