Monday, April 16, 2012

Motivational Mondays...I Will

 Alright. So. Here is my motivation to not completely suck this week...I will remember that I am a beautiful creation of our Creator. I will remember that when I am walking; eating; driving; talking...etc. too quickly I will SLOW down!  I will remember that I am good enough today. I will remember that I am worthy of love. I will remember that others are too. I will take a slow walk in nature. I will listen. I will. How encouraging is it to know that we have our free will? I will remember how gracious our God is. I will remember to be thankful. I will talk to myself with love & kindness. I will forgive myself when I mess up. I will forgive others too. I will surrender to the beauty & the ugliness of this chaotic world. I did not create it. I will create my own space. I will work on my own heart. I will find peace. I will.

With much love, moving forward.

PS. Thank-you God for today.
Love: Tanya


  1. this is very motivational tanya...we all have these horrible negative thoughts. Thanks for the reminder that with free will, gratitude and forgiveness (especially towards ourselves) that we CAN DO THIS!!!!! I really love the honesty of these posts!

  2. Thank-you for always motivating me to continue! xo