Monday, April 2, 2012

Reality Check!

I love all of the beautiful Momma blogs I've been reading lately, there are so many fantastic Momma blogs! I too love being artistic & sharing with you my passion for creativity...
But I think perhaps some of us momma's may be guilty of only baring the highlights of our lives & are somewhat creating a bit of an illusion of who we would like to be and are not quite sharing our truest authentic selves with our audience??? When you can make a pile of dirty laundry look beautiful and artistic... I commend you, now that is artistic! But I can't help but think, if I walk away from this reading experience feeling slightly small about the life I lead, then perhaps there are some more Momma's that feel the same way as I do?...perhaps? As "writers" we can mislead our readers into believing that life isn't as difficult for us. But truly I don't think that this is our purpose, it's not to elude you, I think we are trying to create a space where we can offer you a getaway. Spaces that offer peace, hope and love. I'm all for that, but I am also an advocate of realism. I just wanted to give everyone a reality check of what a day of "blogging" looks like in my house.You may have read my "Good Parenting" blog? Well that blog was not written on a "good parenting day". On a "good parenting day" I am engaged & focused, on a "bad parenting day" my kids are eating far too many cookies, playing too many video games, watching too much TV...& I am hollering from another room "go sit on a time out! you do NOT pinch your brother!" Again these days aren't everyday in my home either, I try to keep things balanced my children tend to enjoy these non-engaged days as well. They're like "YES potato chips & hot dogs for dinner!" & I feel a touch of shame as I read yet another blog that has no nitrates or carcinogenics of any kind in their Eco-friendly homes. Now with that having been said, I am not knocking any of the blogs I read either, they are a source of beautiful inspiration for me. I have to keep that clear "inspiration" a place to aspire to. I'm not there and that's okay...aspire. If I really did try to be there tomorrow I would have to flip my life upside down and become somebody else. But I also think it's important that we are all open with each other, perhaps some of these Women are being viewed as being "perfect", but then "perfection" is only a selfish illusion. The "perfect" Women have their own struggles & their own set of standards to keep up with... for me it looks exhausting! I think it is also important that as people we feel safe enough to expose our imperfections, we need to be open in our dealings with each other. If we are open about who we are, who we are not and who we aspire to be, then and only then will we be able to live authentically.
I have written this blog in honor of slicing you up some reality with The Brown Bunch, this blog was inspired by my friends Krista & Melissa. These two Women are a true source of inspiration for me, they live their lives openly and that is what we should all be aspiring to do. Lets be honest with ourselves and each other, lets all be authentic. So in honor of being authentic & real, this is what my house really looks like when nobodies looking... (not that having a messy home is authentic either!...Man I can't win!)

(This is organized!)
 PS: Thank-you God for authentic hearts...That is my true aspiration.
Love. Tanya

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  1. thanks for your honesty tanya! I love this post and it totally makes me feel better about sitting in this pile of mess I am currently calling my home. you have a great way with words...for sure