Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Favorite Things!

Again...NOT original! Super easy! Super fun!

Step 1) (like this is necessary!) Trace or freehand a favorite cartoon character. 

Step 2) (okay so I have nothing else to blog about today!) Cut out said cartoon character.

Step 3) (please don't judge me!) Glue said cartoon character on a Popsicle stick.

Step 4) (there really is no step four!) Enjoy the countless hours of fun with said cartoon character.

My children actually really enjoy these Popsicle stick characters. I make paper princesses or Luigi's for Jackie, my kids will play with these "guys" for hours (okay again...hours in a home filled with loud noise & hyperactivity is not realistic!) more like an hour! Give it a try, perhaps if there is anyone reading this blog aside from my good friend Krista you can share some of your fun creative ideas with me, or you can check out her wicked & fun crafty ideas...
I would love to hear from you! (you as well Krista!)

PS. Thank-you God for simplicity!

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