Thursday, May 24, 2012

Fly Birdy Fly...

Oh how our hearts have sung a happy tune for this little Mother Robin & her three Chicks. It all began so unexpectedly when a little Mother Robin decided that our kitchen window would be the perfect peaceful place to build a nest & lay her beloved eggs. I thanked her immediately & asked God to bless her strenuous endeavor & to guide those Chicks to safety with his loving hands of grace. So began our little Spring love affair with a precious Mother Robin & her sweet little Chicks. Every day we admired & encouraged. There wasn't a moment in our home this Spring that we didn't forget to thank Mother Robin for all of her efforts for her babies to be. I believe that our love & encouragement did not go unnoticed, because every now & then we were honored with a sweet little melody. Thank-you Mother Robin...NOT ONCE did you EVER complain that the work load was more than you could bare, when your little babes hatched & ALL you did day in & day out was forage food for little babies whose mouths hung open in desperation waiting for your safe return. We prayed. We encouraged,
but above all we LOVED & love NEVER FAILS!

Our little Sonny sat looking out his bedroom window for an hour and a half watching this little baby fly for the first time. Sonny watched with such intensity that you could see his little heart bulging in his throat. He said "Mommy he's just a baby, he's too little to fly" I told him that right at this very moment that little Chick is having the biggest conversation with God of his little new life. We spoke about God's love & the voice within that says "you can do it" even when you think you can't. I told Sonny to pray for him with all of his love & all of his heart, Sonny agreed. Two minutes later that little baby Robin flew away into the rest of his life. At the very moment that this little Robin listened to the voice of God & had the courage to fly, Sonny cheered with such joy that I knew at that very moment faith had been born into his heart. Thank-you Mother Robin, you gave us so many precious gifts this Spring...
we will never forget you & your little precious babes.

PS. Thank-you God for your grace it is so perfect & so full.
Love forever,

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