Saturday, May 26, 2012

~Happy Birthday Little Miss Sunshine!~

4 years ago today I delivered this precious little miracle, 9 weeks premature. We just didn't know what to expect when you're expecting. She was a mystery from the get go. 4 strong pounds & 11 small ounces is all she weighed, she almost fit in one hand. Everything about her was petite & powerful, for only being 4 pounds she was durable & easy to care for. She rarely fussed or made a peep, she was content & easy to please. She delighted us from the start, when I found out that we were having a girl I sobbed & cried out "God is good". God knows our hearts & gives us what we need...& heaven knows in a world of 3 rambunctious boys who NEVER stop...I prayed for a girl! God answered our prayers & gave us the sweetest little angel our eyes had ever laid upon. I have to say that she IS 3 boys in one little body! She keeps us hoppin, if there's ever a quiet moment in our house...
EVERYBODY will simultaneously say "WHERE'S JACKIE?!"
~Happy Birthday Sweet Little Miss Sunshine!~
We love you forever & always.

PS. Thank-you God for all of our answered prayers.

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  1. happy happy belated birthday jackie! We wish you a year of excitement and adventure...oh and peace and calm! We love your personality and cherish spending time with you. Lets get together soon!