Saturday, May 12, 2012

~Happy Mother's Day~

With much love & adoration I write these simple words to you.
You have rocked & soothed my heart my entire life through.
You even had the courage to completely let me go...
& for this very reason my heart began to grow.
I could never be the woman who I am today,
if you did not go through your trials to forage & make a way.
I stand firmly on the ground,
from a small seed that you had planted...
God's grace has shown up, the gift of eternal life's been granted.
Everything you EVER did has carried me this far,
don't EVER underestimate the power of your heart.
I humbly say thank-you,
with forgiveness in my heart...
please join with me in eternity...
so we shall never part.

Happy Mothers Day Mom,
I will love you eternally.

PS. Thank-you God for my Mother

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