Friday, May 25, 2012

A Hunk, A Hunk a Burn'n Love!

Eat your hearts out ladies...
He's ALL mine!

 This is my little hunk a hunk a burn'n love! What he's cookin up in the kitchen is adorable perfection with a sprinkle of sweet lovin! This little man has such a sweet heart, he's my cute little helper bee in the kitchen. I am always greeted with an adorable smile & an offering of "Mommy can I help?" Yes my little sweetness pot pie, as long as you wash your little frog holding hands first. These are the most precious moments of my life...Slow down. Slow down & smell what is cooking in the kitchen. My heart hurts to think that this little man will one day be a grown man cooking for his wife & children...
Hopefully we'll be invited for a dinner or two...

PS. Thank-you God for precious moments such as these.
Love always,

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