Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Clean Slate

The slate has been wiped,
but is it truly clean?
For you alone see the things that are unseen.
Thank-you Lord for forgiving me for all of my mistakes.
Thank-you Lord for wiping my tears & enduring all my aches.
New life can only be found in you alone.
Please forgive me when I waver & question your throne.
Will I truly have a seat in the highest place?...
or am I accountable for all of my mistakes?
Do you love me unconditionally the way that I believe?
or am I living in a world that truly does deceive?
Do you condemn?...
or do you truly love?...
I know that I must walk in light to make my way above.
Our human hearts were made by your hand.
So my transgressions, I know you understand.
Thank-you Father for loving me enough to bare the cross
Forgive me Father for sometimes I just can't bare the loss...

Love forever & always,


  1. It's a beautiful poem. The walk of faith is so simple, Christ did the hard work, all we have to do is trust Him by putting our hand in his. It's a gift so freely given.
    Bless you Tayna.

  2. Thank-you,
    You are very right...
    Sometimes trusting is the hardest part of our salvation.