Saturday, September 8, 2012

A Day Without Rain...

Oh what a beautiful day it was.
It was simple and magical all at the same time.
There is something to be said about a ceremony 
where two people are vowing 
to walk into the rest of their lives together. 
Good intentions...
It really is all we have.

engraved in our wedding bands
"a deal is a deal."

We exchanged our promises to love each other eternally.
 Since exchanging those vows we have: 
Become 1st time parents
Become 2nd time parents
Said unkind things
Forgiven often
Become 3rd time parents
Have endured loss
Overcome pain
Made promises that have been broken
Become 4rth time parents
Cried & laughed some more...

Two imperfect messy people have collided into one imperfect mess,
to keep each other company from now until forever.
We strive daily to live in the glory of his beautiful & perfect grace.

Our wedding song "yellow"

Thank-you Jesus for coming to save us...
Lord only knows how much we need you.

Happy Anniversary to the love of my life!


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