Thursday, March 28, 2013

Cutesy Kaija

 Cutesy Kaija, why do you frown?
I want my hair straight, I want my hair brown.
Cutesy Kaija, why are you sad?
My hair drives me crazy! My hair makes me mad!
Cutesy Kaija, why do you fret?
God answer my prayers & I'll never forget.
Cutesy Kaija, God made you that way.
I know that Mama, you tell me all day.
Cutesy Kaija, God knows the number of hairs on your head.
What else does he know? What else has he said?
Cutesy Kaija, God's got a plan,
He's shaping your heart in the palm of his hand.
Trust Him Kaija with your whole heart,
He made you special right from the start.
God loves you Kaija & Mama does too.
I know that Mama and I love you!

I wrote this for my Girlfriends Daughter.
She is so stunningly beautiful, but doesn't believe it because her hair is not "straight & brown". 
She has amazing strawberry blond hair, that is SO full and SO thick and is SO curly. Every girls dream, just not Kaija's.

My prayer is that she will embrace the beauty that God has bestowed upon her. She is sweet, gentle, kind hearted and patient. Her beauty is not only on the surface but radiates from within. 

Dear Lord,
Thank-you for our Cutesy Kaija,
she is such a wonderful gift to the world.   

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