Monday, March 11, 2013

War Games...


I'll set the scene for you,
William & Sonny playing "war games" (((which I HATE!)))

Sonny - Come in Commander 1 do you copy me?
William - What does copy you mean, do you want me to copy you?
Sonny - NO! it means like did you hear me.
William - Why don't you just ask me if I can hear you then?
Sonny - Because that's what they ask in the movies.
William - How come they ask that in the movies?
Sonny - I don't know! Do you want to play the game or not?! Commander 1 do you copy me?
William -  Yes Commander 1 I will copy you.
Sonny - William your Commander 1, I'm Commander 2. So when I ask Commander 1, that's you.
William - I know that.
Sonny - Commander 1 do you read me?

William - How could I read you Sonny??? (sounding annoyed)
Sonny - it's just an expression William, like do you hear me. (sounding equally annoyed)
William - What's an expression? Could you talk normal and not like in the movies and then I'll know what you're saying.
Sonny - Okay, can we just play already! Commander 1, I'm going to drop the bomb. I repeat, I am going to drop the bomb.
William - Sonny you can't drop the bomb because there's people sleeping there right now (referring to the stuffed animals on the bed)
Sonny - I don't care, I'm throwing it.
William - Are you a good guy or a bad guy Sonny?
Sonny - A good guy.
William - You can't be a good guy and drop a bomb where people are sleeping Sonny, that's what the bad guys doos.
Sonny - So then I'll be the bad guy. I'm dropping the bomb.
William - This game is boring, you want to play hide and go seek?
This presentation was brought to you by The William & Sonny Show. Listening to these two play, gives me the giggles.

Enjoy a funny for the day,
I hope it puts a smile on your face & lifts you up today!

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