Saturday, April 27, 2013

Guest Post - Rotten Queer Christian!!!

I have been reading this very poignant blog for quite some time now. I am SO excited because this will be my very first Guest Post! I love it when two mismatched odd balls from opposite ends of the spectrum find common ground through their passion and love for Jesus. AMAZING. THRILLING. This is the kind of scandalous stuff my heart leaps for! Nothing excites me more than finding love in uncommon and unlikely places. That's when you know God's working His amazing magic in your life and heart, when you find something wonderful where you'd least expect it. That's why I love our Creator so much, He has such an array of talented Children and this my friends is one of His many gifted Children;

How a straight Christian should approach a homosexual

It should go something along the lines like this:

"I was always taught to believe homosexuality was wrong because of what the Bible says. I'll be honest in saying that because it personally doesn't affect me, I haven't looked closely at how some Scriptures have been interpreted in the way they have. If you believe the Bible or not I'm still obligated to love you as myself because Jesus commanded me to. I can't deny you marriage because I won't deny it for myself. I won't defame you with using terms like "lifestyle" or "agenda" or use words to demean you because it's un-Christ like for me to speak to you that way, again, that's not loving you as myself. The truth is the Church has gone way overboard with homosexuality and it should repent of that. I know I don't have such a strong reaction to someone who's divorced or living a life God wouldn't be happy with, so maybe I do have a bias I'm not facing. I want to be like my Savior more and more everyday and that can only happen if I repent of how I've been with this."

You can read an eclectic variety of his talented writings on the above link. I love his perspective and his love for my Savior and I know you will too!
Thank-you Lord for my Brother in Christ; and Thank-you to him for being brave enough to speak his truth in love.


  1. Loving your blog! Beautiful!

  2. It was a true blessing that you let me in your little corner of the blog world. I remember reading a story of Corrie ten Boom meeting Kathryn Kuhlman. You couldn't find two more opposites. Corrie, a dignified Dutch who saved Jews during the World War and suffered for it because of her Christian faith and Kathryn, a T.V. Faith healer from Concordia Missouri who was as loud as her dresses. People were expecting the worse when the met, but the opposite happened. Not only did they act like they knew each other forever, but they talked with the same heart about the Jesus they loved. We are all a different part of the Body of Christ with sometimes nothing in common except the man who died for our sins and lives in our hearts.

    God Bless you my sister.

  3. Amen! Love you my Brother! Thanks again for sharing your thoughts here with us. You are more than welcome to come back anytime you wish to do so! ❤