Tuesday, April 16, 2013

What Does God Look Like Mommy?

We're reading a great book in my small Church group called Crazy Love and one of the questions that Francis Chan (Author of the book) had asked us was; Do you have an image of God in your mind while you pray?

What a great question, I had never put an image of God in my mind while praying. Francis says that while he is praying he imagines Paul's interpretation of what God looks like; Paul tells us that God in all His glory is a magnificent being, clothed in beautiful jewels of every color, surrounded by thunder, fire and angels. Now this image (for me) is not very approachable. If I were to pray with this image in my mind, I would be tongue tied.

Tyson had asked me this question quite a while ago and my little Sonny Man answered it so very beautifully;

 Tyson: What does God look like Mommy?

Sonny: He looks like the stars in the sky, he looks like you & me & mommy & daddy & the trees & the sun & the moon.

Tyson: Where does he live?

Sonny: In your heart.

God you truly are a marvelous mystery!

You are a marvelous mystery!

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