Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A Child's Grace

Do you recognize this? Do you remember what Little Willy said? He specifically warned me in his sternest tone of voice "don't kill it, like you did last year!" I'm not gonna lie but I was sweating over this one folks; why you may ask?, it's just a plant you may say. I promised William that I would love it and water it and make it grow big! In all my efforts to love this plant, I killed the poor dear thing. I was so worried not to kill it like I did last year that I unintentionally overwatered it! oops! Now it's deader than a door nail. 

While eating dinner last night William made the keen observation that I may have overwatered the plant & potentially killed it, he then said in a very forgiving tone of voice; "that's okay Mommy, I'm not upset I saw you tried to take good care of him. I think he's just hard to take care of! I wish he could just tell us when he needs a drink!"
I said thank-you for being so forgiving & for going so easy on me, I said that I was worried that he was going to be upset with me for ruining his Mother's Day Gift. Do you know what that amazing little Monkey said to me; "My Mother's Day present wasn't the plant Mommy" I asked him, what was it then? He simply answered; "It was spending the day with you." My kids are honestly growing the "adult" within me. The grace of this sweet dear boy, absolutely took my breath away & taught me how to be a wee bit less critical & a whole heap more gracious! 

Thank-you Willy-Jay, for teaching us how to be more gracious.

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