Sunday, May 26, 2013

Happy Birthday Peanut!

Apparently Elton John will be performing at Jackie's party, we're SO excited! I can't wait to hear Rocket Man!

The Birthday Peanut, in all her glory!

We just spent the day admiring & squeezing this sweet little Birthday Peanut! 5?! What?! How did I blink & have a 5 year old Peanut?! FIVE?! I can't believe it. It's strange to think that one day we will take that little itty bitty hand and place it every sooo carefully into the hands of another. Okay scratch that! I'm good, reality check! She's only FIVE for heavens sakes! We were a tad dissapointed when Elton did'nt show up for his big gig but you know how it is with celebs, they're SO unpredictable! A big Thank-you goes out to Gramma & Poppa for making Jackie's special day, extra special! With or without Elton, it was a Birthday Smash!

Thank-you Lord;
You know our hearts & you answer prayers:) May our Peanut grow in your likeness all the days of her life.


  1. Elton got lost in traffic. He took a turn on Maple Street when he should have turned on Maplle Street. Tell peanut he's sorry he missed her great shindig (I know this because I have an inside scoop on Elton for some reason).

    1. Thank-you, Jackie will be very relieved to hear this!...Hilarious!!! We just knew Elton had to have had a darn good reason to miss our dear little Peanut's Birthday! & really, that's just not like the Elton we know and love:)