Sunday, May 12, 2013

It's Muder's Day, Go Brush Your Teef!

I woke up this morning to Jackie kissing my face & saying; "wake up mommy your bref stinks, go brush your teef because it's Muder's Day!" I of course brushed my "teef" straight away & came down the stairs to find this beautiful breakfast waiting for me compliments of Sonny:) Now I ask you how on earth did he know that my absolute favourite breakfast is warm bread with fake cheese??? yummy! Jackie opened up the gift she made for me at school & then asked if she could keep it in her room? Tyson made me a paper airplane & then asked if he could "borrow" it for the day? Handsome Prince William made me the beautiful flower pot at school & gave me strict orders "not to kill it like you did last year." Happy Muder's Day! Now go brush your teef!!!

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