Monday, May 27, 2013

Motivational Mondays & A Few Hundred Prayers!

Can I get a drum roll Pullease!...

Before I begin, I feel like you should be listening to the theme song of "Rocky" right now, that's okay it's in your head now. Good just hum that while I tell you how our week of juicing went...

First & foremost I'm going to give thanks to God, who single handedly carried two whiny babies through this week!; Thank-you Lord that must have been an unbearable task.

The first 3 days of our juicing journey was pretty intense, the no coffee was killing me. I would go to work and sniff the coffee beans (don't judge me:) Nathan's body was really stiff & sore; and then a light bulb went off in his cute little man brain that it just may have been the 2 hours of baseball practice with the kids. 

We have watched some very motivational videos to help us along the way; I must say I have yet to see one with 4 kids climbing anyone "juicing":) Did I mention the no coffee part yet??? Oh yeah I did already. There are still four breakfasts, lunches & dinners that need to be made! Initially low energy was a huge problem, I felt like the walking dead, run over by a bus. But now on day eight, I can actually open my eyes before smelling brood coffee! That's a huge victory in itself! It's strange to think, but we haven't chewed food in eight days! We have noticed that our little spongy kiddies are all over this juicing kick, they've even been brave enough to try the dark green ones! Our eyes have also opened to the fact that as healthy as we thought we were feeding our kids, we can do a heck of a lot better! 

So overall, we're redefining what healthy feels and looks like, it's a journey baby!
A juicing journey!

Thank-you Lord; 
For new mercies everyday & for answering a few hundred prayers!

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