Monday, June 3, 2013

Motivational Mondays 15 Days!

So it's been 15 days!!! This is the beautiful array of vitamins & minerals our bodies are absorbing daily. I'm not one to discuss weight, who cares how much you weigh, how do you feel?! Well the answer to that is...Pretty darn lousy; I feel okay today, but day 11 & 12 I had a serious meltdown. I'm talking like everyone can take a flying #&%##!! meltdown. My body is in serious detox mode, if you've never experienced this; let me just say that it hurts like HE double hockey sticks! I have a nasty cold sore, I have 0 energy and I still have 4 kiddies and a husband to tend to. Let's just say the "tending to" these past few days sounds more like, "WHAT DO YOU WANT NOW???!" How is Nate doing? He's your typical man, men don't seem to have "feelings & emotions" I'm like the roaring sea & he's like a steady annoying rock. Perhaps you can hear a touch of resentment coming from this roaring sea? (You are correct!) Blah blah blah, Nate's doing great! Now that I got that rant off my chest;) Nate is actually doing fabulous! He has lost 25 lbs & is all energized & motivated to climb Mount Everest. Not eating food has made me face the cold hard truth that I am an emotional eater, not having anything to fill that emotional void has at moments left me in a state of despair. I am having to rely on God HEAVILY to see me through some seriously unsightly moments! Okay so I'm gonna come clean on something; when we began juicing we thought that we would try 10 days of juicing to detoxify our bodies; but we're now on our fifteenth day and we've decided to go for 60 days! I was nervous about sharing this number out loud with you because I wasn't sure if I could do it or not? But I often forget things so I am reminded that: All things are possible through Him who gives us strength! Now that I've said that number out loud, I kinda feel obligated to stick to it:) I will share with you the total poundage lost, when we've reached our final day of juicing.

I wanted to share a few things with you; because I feel that when we find things that inspire and motivate us to become better people and make better choices, it's good to share with others!

Here are two awesome documentaries that you need to watch;

Here are a couple of simple juicing recipes that you can try for yourselves;

Mean Green - 1 granny smith apple/ 4 stalks of kale/ 3 stalks of celery/ 1/2 lemon/ (ginger optional)

Blue Fairy - 1 grapefruit/ 1 cup red cabbage/ 2 cups watermelon

I'll add recipes, motivational tips, some ranting and other good inspiring stuff as we continue on our juicing journey!

Until next Monday, happy juicing!

Thank-you Lord for your steadfast love, your unwavering hand has guided us thus far! You Rock!

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