Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Great I Am

Blessings friends, this song just revs me up! Enjoy, I hope it lifts you up, fills you up & brings your soul some comfort and joy!

Let's lift our hands and voices and praise the one who created the heavens & the earth. I constantly forget things, so I am always delighted and surprised when I hear a song that fills me with worship for God. I often forget that when I'm feeling low, I can just turn on some worship music to lift my spirits works every time, God never fails to lift me up! God doesn't want us worshiping Him because He's an ego maniac, He wants us to worship Him with our whole hearts because He knows what is best for us. We were made to worship His glory. It soothes and comforts our souls when we are unsettled. I dare you to try it! If for whatever reason you're feeling a little low, pump some worship music & just try to stay won't be able to! God will lift you out of your funk EVERY TIME! I have to remember this, because I all too often forget that it's really that simple.
God + Worship Music = Lifted Spirits!

Enjoy & have a wonderful day filled with God's goodness!

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