Tuesday, May 21, 2013

This Weekend We...

Celebrated Nate's Birthday!

This is what he got, hand picked by the kiddies:)

We visited with Gramma & Poppa.

We watched Fireworks!

Monkey was uber excited!

We went to the harbour...

and enjoyed the glorious day together!

Oh & I almost forgot, how could ever forget??? We started juicing! I'll keep you posted, we're on day 2 and...let's just say I'll keep you posted! 


  1. Happy Birthday Nate from the DeBruin gang!!

    By the way, juicing Tanya?? That's awesome :)

    I did it for a while back there, just too many things going on right now to keep it up. But while I did it I felt really energetic, and loved the fruit/veggie combos.

    Will be watching for more updates on this,

    Rach xo

    1. Thanks Rach! You can check out our progress every Monday here, I'll be tracking our "Juicing Journey"
      Love & Hugs to all! xo