Friday, May 17, 2013

Top 3 Things I HATE!

That's right I said it, HATE! There is absolute hate in my heart, I downright loathe and detest the following things;

1) keeping track of, health cards, passports, birth certificates, bank cards, library cards, or any other form of important paperwork! Here's a rant!; why please for the love of God, WHY??? do we have so much paperwork in what should be a paperless world???!!! Why on earth can I NOT keep track of this? It's "important" stuff to take care of & costly to replace! But I can't seem to concern or bother myself with it, until it's imperative that I need it!

2) Trashy magazines! Hate! With a capital H! Again why does this garbage get bought with hard earned dollars? Does anybody else out there look at a trashy magazine & then think to themselves "so this is what we've reduced a beautiful tree to???!!!" Why is it acceptable to reduce the beauty of a tree into gossip & smut?!

3) Taxes! I love paying taxes, when taxes are appropriately distributed and used for the good things they're supposed to be used for. I hate paying taxes to line the pockets of the GREEDY, rather than helping to feed the NEEDY! Also re-read rant #1 for further details on why I HATE taxes! There's an immeasurable amount of "important" papers involved!

4) I think that might do it for now, okay arrogance & self righteousness are also on my list of HATES! (But on a side note; I have a hard time ranting about things I'm equally guilty of from time to time!)

That's it, I can exhale now. That actually made me feel a little better! 

What sort of things are on your top 3?
Feel free to share your thoughts!


  1. I hate tomato-based sauces. If tomatoes had eyes, I'd poke them out with a stick. I also think black licorice if of the Devil.

    1. That's hilarious!!! I actually love those 2 things:) Clearly I was in a very ranty mood the day I wrote this, I kinda thought to myself "oh boy!" After I re-read it!

  2. Oh boy. Sometimes getting stuff off your chest does make you feel better. Ok, I will say that I hate the smell of vinegar, self-centered people, and being late. Does that count?

    1. That absolutely counts! & you're right vinegar does smell bad:) I am however notoriously late, well maybe tardy is a better word, just filing 4 kids into the van is an impossible task! Thank-you for stopping by & sharing your thoughts!