Monday, June 17, 2013

Motivational Monday's "The Jig Is Up!"

Thank-you Jesus, that we didn't have to go into the woods to be tempted for forty days & nights! Lord knows we would've cracked like scrambled eggs on day 26! 
So we lasted 26 hardcore days of juicing! We're proud of that, it's not the 60 days we set out to accomplish, but 26 days of strictly juicing is nothing to snivel at! We're slowly introducing fruits & veggies back into our systems along side the juice. Our long term goal is to be eating 90% macrobiotic foods. One of our greatest accomplishments was kicking coffee to the curb, we're super happy about that! Why did we crack? It was a combination of a few key factors; Juicing is costly. We tried our very best to juice on a dime, but let's face it, would I ever really sit down & eat the volume of fruits & veggies required for 1 juice? No I wouldn't, that's what makes it so incredibly healthy. I know this next one is a little like succumbing to the "Little Liar" within, but it's the truth darn it! Cleaning the darn juicer!!! I can't tell you how much we hated cleaning the juicer! Okay I can tell you! Hated it!. Time factor, there were so many nights that we would close down the kitchen & then have to go juice. Ugh! It's a lot simpler to prepare 6 meals verses 4 meals & then juice. So some good things to grow on this juicing journey are; no coffee. 90% macrobiotic foods. Healthier food choices for our children & becoming educated in a healthier lifestyle. Not too shabby in 26 days! Today is day 29 & let me just say that our first real bite of an apple was sensational! Our pallets are so full and rich now, we would never have imagined getting excited for a salad!!! So the jig is up, but we're more motivated than ever to stay aboard the healthy train!

FYI - I lost 15 pounds & Nathan lost 33 pounds in the past 29 days! It's a very successful start to our new beginning!

Thank-you Lord for carrying us through!

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  1. wow...great for both of you! Congratulations. Macrobiotic is an interesting choice. The hip chicks guide to macrobiotics is a good book to read. It breaks everything down simply and i found it much easier to understand than tradition macrobiotic books. Hope you guys had a good weekend.