Friday, June 21, 2013

Our Woody

Today is the first day of Summer. Today we celebrate & honour the life of Jason Woodcock (our Woody:) Our free spirit Woody. Jason was earthy and hip. Jason was the cool guy, not because he tried to be, that's what made him so cool. Jason had an ear for music, he was that guy who knew cool music before it even became cool. Jay even smelled cool! How does one smell cool? Oddly enough Jason did. I want you to know him, I know you would have loved him.  He was a special person. Jason was easy going, HILARIOUS, generous and kind. He was the kind of guy that would make you laugh so hard milk would shoot out of your nose! You had to be very cautious while sipping liquids when he was talking, it was dangerous! The first day of Summer is a beautiful awesome day, it holds significant meaning to many full hearts who remember, honour and love him today. 

Today squeeze your Father/Uncle/Son/Brother harder than ever, because while we're on this earth all we have is now. Although I love the "first day of summer" it can just get over itself, today is Woody's Day!

It's all about LOVE! 


  1. Great written Tanya! U really explained him well to everyone whom unfortunately never got to know Jason. Take care/ Sandra

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  3. Yes, June 21st is Woody's day! I remember Woody when he was a still a growing boy. Next, he turned into an adventurous, fun loving, globe trotting young man. He grew into an educated, free spirited man who walked his own path without fear. My life has been enriched by his presence in it.

    I remember you fondly. Maggie