Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Parenting 101...

Parenting lessons never really come from books, magazines or classes. They ALWAYS come from our very own children, or at least that's the case in our home. My sweet and adorable little mirrors of my horrible side, are constantly teaching me who I really am and who I really want to become. ALL of the things that I hold my children accountable for, I am equally guilty of. We literally learn a new lesson every single menotenous day, I'll share this one with you now...

Tyson had a Medieval Times project, before I begin my little applause for him; I have to say that last year Nathan & I learned yet another lesson! You do not, I repeat DO NOT do your children's projects for them! Ty had to build a bridge last year & somehow his amazing, very crafty Mother and Father took over this exciting project and got ourselves an A! Tyson however did NOT receive ANY satisfaction from "his A" and taught his Mother & Father an invaluable lesson. If there is an A to be had he's got to be the one to achieve it & recieve it! I know that for some (or most) that this might be like "parenting 101". But for Nate & I, we're really just children in an adult's body! Tyson really impressed the heck out of us; He came right home from school with a friend, asked if they could go and get the "building" materials required (with their OWN money!) Of course we said yes & the rest is history! I did not. I repeat did NOT help in anyway, shape or form with this MASTERPIECE! In fact I hinted that perhaps he should paint the inside of the castle as well & his response was; "I don't think they had paint in Medieval Times." YAY Tyson!

Nathan & I have learned to refrain and control our impulses to "help" with class projects, thank-you Ty for teaching us "parenting 101!"

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