Monday, July 15, 2013

Embarrassing Moment #2

So as I said before, I am doing a series of posts dedicated to our "stand out" embarrassing moments of parenting during the past 10 years.

Here's #2!

I'll set the seen for you;

It looked a lot like this picture right here. Yes it was Sunday morning at Church. Sunday mornings are my most favourite and my least favourite day all wrapped up in one! I love Sundays because I love Church and I LOVE to worship The Lord. I hate Sundays because I have to prepare 4 whining, resentful, ungrateful children to wake up early so that I can go love The Lord. They don't feel the same way as I do about Church. Of course they don't, they're just kids! So after a sweaty hot battle of ingratitude we finally arrive to the place where I feel most at home, Church. We file our cute "Little Ducklings" all in a row and enter our room of worship. My sweet little babes all nestle into their seats ever so politely. Every now and again I would open one eye while loving The Lord with all of my heart, to make sure that my "Little Angels" were still sitting nicely. Low and behold I cracked an eyelid to see my then 3 year old boy, with his PANTS DOWN pretending to PEE on the people in front of us!!! "Oh Lord Jesus!" I cried out, grabbed a hold of my Little Monkey & fled for the doors, as he's kicking and flailing his legs, I was trying desperately to get his pants up before anyone noticed! I shot straight for the bathroom to give him a good talking to, one lady in  the washroom who was primping herself in the mirror & eavesdropping to my scolding kindly said; "pull down his pants and spank him! he'll think twice before he ever pulls 'em down again at church!" Thank you kind lady! Yeah kids & church! You gotta love'em! 


  1. Tanya what church do you attend?
    I love all your posts, they make me feel normal
    Sometimes I think I am the only person that experiences crazy things! :)

  2. Hi Heather thanks for leaving a comment here, believe me when I say that you are definitely NOT ALONE! I have oodles of these embarrassing moments! Too many to blog about:) I could run a blog solely on my most embarrassing moments! We attend a large Pentecostal Church, called The People's Church.

    Be Blessed Heather & thanks for sharing & reading!
    PS. I NEVER feel "normal";)