Monday, July 22, 2013

Embarrassing Moment #3

So to continue on with "embarrassing moments" here's #3!

I was always so impressed with my children when they were just a little bunch! I had four children who were ages 5, 3, 14 months & bran spankin new! We would ALWAYS get your typical comments like; "WOW you've got your hands full!" or, "WOW how do you do it?!" I guess once it's done it's done, it can never be undone! So not once did we ever sit back and say "how do we do it?" We would just lean back at the end of a long day & say thank God it's done! 

One of the strategies to see us through our days would be frequenting our local play group, The Ontario Early Years Centre was our saving grace throughout those first chaotic years. Every morning we would go for circle time, do some crafts and then wash our hands for lunch. My little ones always waited every so patiently in the big long line up to wash their precious little hands. On this one occasion; my 5 & 3 year old were the last ones to get to their seats. My 5 year old scanned the table & sat himself in 1 of the 2 remaining chairs. My 3 year old was left with the only remaining available seat. This was all fine and well, except sadly this seat was the last seat to be chosen for a reason...The lovely & kind woman of disability was sitting next to the empty chair. I am desperately trying to write this out as graciously as I possibly can, please bare with me:) Now my children had NEVER in the past made any rude or derogatory comments pertaining to disability, only simple questions that I would answer, always finishing with something like; "life is challenging when you're healthy and strong, so it's important that we as healthy & strong people are kind and compassionate & helpful to those who may struggle with disability." We'd had this talk many, many times! Having said that this chair remained empty because...she sadly smelled of urine.) There's no two ways around it. Urine. My 3 year old scanning the table with desperate eyes to find another seat, collapsed his little shoulders, sighed heavily and said of course really loud; (I swear this happened in slow motion) 
Well, while I can appreciate the candour of a 3 year old child, there are ways in which we tell our truths without the use of machine guns. I just stood there shell shocked! What does one do or say in a moment like that? Embarrassing!

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