Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Gideon The Brave?

I have been fixated on the bible story of Gideon; Judges 6-8. I can really connect to Gideon's character, I feel this connection to him because like him, I too often feel "less than." Here was a simple man who felt "the least" of his people & with God's glory and might, Gideon won an impossible battle with a small army of 300 men! Gideon listened to God and believed that God would keep His promise to deliver Gideon and his army to victory. God always amazes & surprises me; I was in the car with the little ones & I went into a big long production about Gideon, I told the kiddies that if we listen to God and follow his direction we will ALWAYS be victorious! With God we NEVER have to live in a state of worry or fear. So here I am telling this story, secretly freaking out that I am going to be leading my first ever Sunday school class. I was nervous & felt unprepared, like Gideon I also felt "the least" of my people and not at all capable  of leading a class. I hadn't heard what the topic for this upcoming class would be and I was feeling nervous that I may not know the biblical character well enough to conduct a 2 hour class on the subject. Low and behold the call comes in and I'm informed that we will be discussing Gideon! Lesson learned, if God goes before me he will ALWAYS lead me to victory EVERY time without fail! I have prepared for my upcoming class and I know it's sure to be a success with God's help! Just keep believing, just keep believing, just keep believing! It amazes my imperfect self that I am having a REAL relationship with our Creator! Every single day I say "Lord I believe you are who you say you are" and every single day He reveals Himself to me, filling me with His hope & peace.

Thank you Lord, for the truth of your word!

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