Monday, August 12, 2013

Motivational Mondays

We've all been here haven't we? We've either been the scolder & the judger, or we've been on the receiving end of scolding & judgment haven't we?

It ain't pretty. Sometimes "our best" just doesn't seem to line up with the worlds outside version of who we "should be".

I'm here to say...

That's okay.

I'm not always going to make "the right" decision. I'm going to make mistakes along my bumpy path. I won't be able to change people's opinions, but I can choose to forgive others always. I will choose forgiveness when my feelings have been hurt. When others form their opinions of how I "should" live my life, or judge my decisions, that's okay. I know in my heart of hearts that Jesus is with me every bumpy step of the way, smoothing out the bumps with every step I take. I hear His beautiful words of grace leading me forward, telling me with every bumpy step I take; "do not worry"; "before the world judged you, I have been judged first." I choose to listen to his voice, it's not always easy, sometimes it's exhaustingly hard. We are constantly bombarded with judgement from even our closest loved ones; and that's okay. I take this judgement and I remember the words of my Saviour, calling me to lay my judgements down and to love others as myself. Since I loathe being judged; I will not judge others. 

There is a true sense of freedom in laying our judgements down and choosing to love and treat others as we would ourselves. 

I thank my kind Saviour for that well needed lesson, I'm reminded of it often. He calls me to see things as He sees things, I'm getting there. Slowly but surely I'm getting there, one bumpy baby step at a time.

Be kind. Lay your judgements down. Love one another.

Thank you Lord,
For your patient lessons of love.

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