Saturday, December 28, 2013

So This Is Christmas...

I'd like to find a way to opt out of Christmas. I LOVE Jesus a whole heap, but I somehow always walk away from all that's glittery & gold & festive feeling... Depressed! I think that we've made some serious errors in regards to welcoming the birth of our Lord & Savior by turning his birth into tinsel & presents. I feel we've removed ourselves from honouring that perfect Christ child who was born in a lowly stable, we've managed to cheapen His presence with "presents". I can't help but feel for all of the aching & the suffering in our world, during a time that supposedly should be filled to the brim with everything shiny & new. My heart bleeds for the sufferers. So when everyone's clinking their glasses of cheer, I go along for the ride, because Heaven forbid I dare speak of suffering during a time of "fun & festivities!" I don't dare be "The Debbie Downer" of the party.  But in all truth, that's where my heart is at. I watch the shopping insanity insue as soon as the Halloween goodies are off the shelves. I'm finding it difficult to convey to my children that our LORD was born with NOTHING & died with NOTHING, but yet we continue to fill stockings & wrap presents & over indulge. How do we justify ourselves in doing this? It just makes me feel awful for all the little ones who are starving for food, family, clothing & shelter. I need to seriously make some changes for next Christmas, but where do I begin when we have four young children & one on the way? I need for my children to know that consuming is not Christmas, that giving is Christmas. What can WE do as a FAMILY? How do I make this season fun & festive without the presents & how do I go about doing this without it upsetting my children? This will be my New Year's resolution this year. I will find the answers to these questions & I will keep you posted! I know that there is always a crack of light in the darkness, it is my mission to crack that light wide open and to shine it brightly on my Christmas conundrum!

Blessings & Love Friends!

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